Pee-wee “Herman” Munster Merman (Herman) is a regular on the ABC drama "Boston Terrier Legal" opposite James Spayed, and the spokesdog for one-calorie Tabby, the cat-flavored energy drink. He played billionaire bad dog, Stinky Tinkleton, for seven seasons on the canine soap opera, “Dogs of Our Lives,” and has appeared pro bone-o in three Comedy Central Oscar specials. In addition, he is a frequent host of “Wet Puppy Theatre” and a regular contestant on “Walk That Werewolf!” His film work includes the role of Vizsla Solanas in the classic indie feature, "I Bit Andy Warhol."

Mr. Merman recently appeared on the Great White Way in "Tail of the Allergist's Weimaraner." He made his Broadway debut in “Tinkletoes” opposite Cybill German Shepherd. Regional roles include Fur Ball in “Gak!: The Musical” (Papertrain Playhouse), Kibble in “Fido on the Roof” (First Neighborhood Tour), Chu Toi in the world premiere of David Henry Hwang’s “Chinese Crested” (Long Woof Theatre), and Bark in the Ruff-nominated production of “Cat on a Hot Tin Skillet” (Steppenwolfhound).

Also a handbag model, his face can be seen on fashionable purses all over America.

In his free time, Mr. Merman is an avid supporter of the Doris Roberts Fund for Invisible Pets. Neutered but frisky, he makes his home on couches in New York City and suburban New Jersey.
Herman stars in "Fetish," a short film that recently won a DogCatemy Award for Best Comedy from the North Shore Animal League!
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