frank by ruben toledo for visionaire magazine
EDGE New York City Writer, former fashionista, timeless culture vulture and all around witty fag Frank DeCaro is host of the Frank DeCaro show...

Now that we’ve sufficiently plugged his show, Frank graciously weighs in on the bad old days: "Historically, gay role models in pop culture have run the gamut from English eccentrics like Oscar Wilde and Quentin Crisp to international style icons like Gianni Versace and Andy Warhol, to out-but-not-out pretty boys like Tab Hunter and Rock Hudson.

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by Scott Stiffler
Monday Oct 8, 2007

November, 2006: Review of LOL@Comix [pdf version] [link]

New York Observer Online
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A DECIBEL DISASTER On Monday night, at the revival opening of "Rope," the play from which Mr. Hitchcock got his film, Fran Drescher and Frank DeCaro gave a lesson in projecting to the back of the seats. Seriously, God, they're loud!

It Happened Last Night...
December 14, 2005

Genre Magazine party at the latest upscale clothing store to hit Soho, the British import Reiss

HX Magazine [ site ] That night, we also made it to the Genre Magazine party at the latest upscale clothing store to hit Soho, the British import Reiss. Quick summary: the Pravda vodka cocktails were nice, but the gift bags we’re even nicer, so we snatched them and ran. Seen: Matt Bell, Chris Brown, Troy Dunham, Jim Colucci, Frank Decaro, Nomi Demilo, Raymond Dragon, Jeff Eason, Pailo Heitz, Kyle Howard, Maxine Inniss, Randy Jones, Robert Korlek, Amanda Lepore, Jonny McGovern, Daniel Nardicio, John Polly, John Henry Rew, Don Robinder, Mark Schulte, Eric Sniedze, Ned Stresen-Reuter and Da Lipstyxx.
September 23, 2005


Pet Reporter
Pet Penthouse Segment
Frank DeCaro Show - Sirius outQ
It's very fitting that a radio service named after the dog star — Sirius Satellite Radio — is the only one to offer regular, live chat on the subject of pets. The weekly 30-minute "Pet Penthouse" segment of "The Frank DeCaro Show" airs every Tuesday at noon. The witty host, Frank DeCaro, shares his life with a Boston terrier named Herman.

As the "Pet Penthouse Correspondent," this reporter fields callers' questions on all aspects of pet care and culture. Have a question? Call (866) 305-6887. My favorite recent call came from the man who said his dog had developed an odd fetish, licking at his foot.

Having heard too many astonishing stories about dogs detecting cancer in people, I suggested the caller see a doctor. Maybe the dog was trying to tell him something the only way he knew how. The man called back with great news: His foot was diagnosed with calcium deposits that were successfully removed.

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OUTcome Buffalo Frank DeCaro is responsible for my partner getting a Sirius Satellite radio receiver and subscription from me last Christmas.

Yes that cherubic bear of all things gay, is what brought satellite radio to my attention. Last February I received a press release from Sirus Satellite radio announcing that Frank DeCaro was joining their line up of glbt programming on Sirius OutQ. I have always found Frank DeCaro to be one of the funniest and most entertaining gay comics that has broken into mainstream entertainment.
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February 3, 2005
At the Premier Party for Dennis Hensley's movie TESTOSTERONE
Event held at THERAPY (NYC)
HX Magazine
SEEN (page 82)
September 24, 2004
I'm a "downtown loudmouth"!
Daily News Conventioneers might want to avoid Florent, the legendary 24-hour Meatpacking District diner. Owner Florent Morellet has arranged a nightly fund-raiser for different liberal causes, starring downtown loudmouths such as Frank DeCaro, Murray Hill, Dirty Martini and The World Famous Bob. ...
New York Minute
Originally published on August 29, 2004
Bad movies torched in 'Flaming Screens'
Philadelphia Gay News "Unlike most writers, Frank DeCaro doesn't need a keyboard to communicate: Give him a stage, a microphone and a live audience and the words flow effortlessly."

"I'm a natural ham -- I don't know if I'm a natural anything else," DeCaro said from his home office in New York City. "There's nothing I like better than getting in front of an audience..."
By Robert DiGiacomo
PGN Contributing Writer
© 2004 Robert DiGiacomo
New York Post "GET ready for the gay version of "The View." Village Voice gossip queen Michael Musto, Barneys creative director Simon Doonan, "Oprah Winfrey Show" producer Patrick Riley, "The Daily Show" contributor Frank DeCaro, celebrity stylist James Aguiar and model/actor T.R. Pescod just taped a pilot called "TVQ." We hear that New York-based Hurricane Entertainment is pitching the swishy chatfest as "Queer Eye meets The View" and is already drawing interest from syndicators."
April 21, 2004
Thinking big
Filmmakers looking for Oscar gold might want to consider a project with a grand scale and hefty running time
Hollywood Reporter "Former "The Daily Show" movie critic Frank DeCaro, host of five Comedy Central Oscar specials, has a more eclectic list of elements he looks for in a modern epic.

"You used to need lots of animals, but now you just need animals that have been computer-generated," he says."

Jan. 06, 2004
By Steve Hockensmith
Hollywood Reporter
The Big Question
Jeer Factor
First Friends. Now Frasier. Which TV show should end next? And which one should last forever?
New York Magazine Frank DeCaro, Sirius Satellite Radio host: “Fear Factor can’t go fast enough. Even the commercials are too gross for me. My sitcom, Just Be Frank, asks, ‘What if Elton John had been born to Archie and Edith Bunker?’ If only someone would air it.”
Jan. 06, 2004
By Jada Yuan